Combination Skin Type

Normal skin characteristics

Is your nose greasy while your cheeks are flaky? Does that cream that’s perfect for your rough patches make your forehead look like you’ve just been in the rain? Does it sometimes feel like your skin has multiple personalities? Congratulations, you have combination skin! This means different areas of your face have different needs, which unfortunately means you’ll need to pick your skincare products more carefully to keep everything happy.

Combination skin usually involves an oilier T-zone and drier areas around the cheeks, eyes and mouth that are prone to feeling tight or flaky. It can be a combination of any of oily, dry or normal skin. Combination skin is very common, and to develop an effective skin care regimen, you’ll need to understand the needs of all the types of skin that appear on your face. To make it even trickier, environmental factors can change your skin’s needs. For example, combination oily-normal skin can turn into combination normal-dry skin during winter, or your skin may be normal in one country and combination oily-dry in another.

Normal skin considerations

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find skincare products which won’t clog your pores while keeping your drier areas moisturized. However, most people with combination skin will find that they’ll need to tailor their skincare regimen slightly to cater to all the different areas around their face. Many people find that using an oily skin regimen all over their face, with extra moisturizer on the dry areas, solves the problem nicely. However, because there are so many skin type combinations possible, you might need some trial and error to find what works best for you.

Normal skin contraindications

Don’t treat your entire face with extra drying products, or extra-nourishing ones. This is a surefire route to either cracking skin or breakouts and grease!

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