Normal Skin Type

Normal skin characteristics

Normal skin is what everyone wants, and some people were lucky enough in the genetic lottery to get it! Normal skin produces the right amount of oil to keep itself hydrated and supple. It’s the Goldilocks of skin! It’s not too shiny, not too dull, no particularly enlarged pores, even tone, and has no particular skin issues. Even if your skin is normal, it can change a little with the weather and hormonal fluctuations to become oily, dry or combination skin.

Normal skin considerations

Normal skin doesn’t necessarily stay balanced forever. Skin will dry out and produce less sebum, our natural skin oil, with age, and environmental damage can take its toll. The major skincare considerations for normal skinned people are prevention and maintenance. Sunscreen and anti-ageing products will benefit all skin.

Normal skin contraindications

Be careful not to use anything too extreme. Avoid harsh cleansers, oil-stripping ingredients and heavy creams. Normal skin can still have skin concerns like sensitivity, dehydration and acne, although it’s less likely than for other skin types.

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